Hopefully someone can assist with the following.

I had a problem with my Ubuntu 10.10 install. I lost all network connectivity and output to video display. Before this time the system only had a download running in Kget.
I hard reset the system and on reload my desktop icons in gnome we all gone.

All attempts to open any folders reults in a brief 'openeing xyz' button on the lower panel which then dissapears without opening anything.
Any Nautilus windows I open will display with the mounted drives displayed in the left panel but as soon as I touch the window it will crash and become unresponsive. If I open Nautilus with sudo from a terminal an basic looking nautilus window opens which also hangs as soon as I try and use it.

The disks look fine and can be accessed with a terminal.
I have installed Dolphin and can browse around all my disks with it fine.

I have:
- Using synaptic, marked for reinstall nautilus and all is extenstions and applied.
- removed the .nautilus and .cache folders form my home profile
- run nautilus -c which reports no problems
- /var/log/messages has nothing to say about nautilus or the hangs.

Now a bit stuck about what to try next. Can someone point me in the right direction?