This is my first message on this forum, but i use it since a long time .

I wrote a little program named nemato. It's a set of tools for creating and modifying live USB systems based on Ubuntu live CD.

With nemato you can:

  • create a new system with an Ubuntu install disc image.
  • add or remove programs on an installed live system using synaptic in a chrooted env.
  • open a shell in a chrooted env in the image of a live system or in initrd.
  • upgrade an installed system.
  • do some changes and save modifications in the image of a live system.

You can do this with nemato shell scripts or using the UI nemato-gui.

This is a free software, so try it !!!

It is an experiemental project, sorry for bugs .

please visit nemato on launchpad and critic are wellcomen.