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Thread: DSL || CABLE || Mobile Broadband Which one do you prefer ?

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    Re: DSL || CABLE || Mobile Broadband Which one do you prefer ?

    I regularly use ADSL2+ and also have access to mobile broadband.
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    Re: DSL || CABLE || Mobile Broadband Which one do you prefer ?

    Quote Originally Posted by dpny View Post
    Make sure you check the experiences of other FiOS users. Where I live I've heard of a lot of problems, including slow speeds and Verizon's installers requiring multiple appointments to get the installation working.
    I can't speak for others but our experience in South Eastern Pennsylvania was excellent. The tech had been with Verizon for a number of years and our house is fairly new which may have helped. No RG-6 or phone wire had to be run, just modified and the ONT installed. He showed up when promised the first time and completed Internet, phone & T.V. hookups in about 3 hours. He did require a Windows PC and Internet Explorer to do some configuration. It took me a while to exhume good ol' I.E. for him . Once he did what he needed to do I fired up Ubuntu and it worked fine. I'm surprised those guys don't have a work portable of some sort.

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    Re: DSL || CABLE || Mobile Broadband Which one do you prefer ?

    Cable, if it isn't broke don't fix it.

    Quote Originally Posted by kurt18947 View Post shows 30 Mb. down 22 up any time of the day or night. My wife detests Comcast which is the cable alternative where we are.
    22 up seems really high.

    Are you a mile from the CO or the DSLAM?

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    Re: DSL || CABLE || Mobile Broadband Which one do you prefer ?

    Bye bye mobile broadband. I will be switching to DSL tommorow
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    Re: DSL || CABLE || Mobile Broadband Which one do you prefer ?

    Right now I am, and can only use Cable. Where I live, there's no Fibre. DSL sucks here too, because of no competition. Same with Cable. Can't get U-Verse either.

    I also can't get satillite, as I am in a very large apartment complex. DSL here is capped at 150 GB a month, not sure how much I use a month, as my ISP can't tell me that (privacy issues.) But I game heavily, so I need at least 12 MB/sec down speed and 1 MB/sec up speed to do serious gaming. I've tried going lower to 8 MB/sec down, and 512 KB/sec up, it was horribly slow for 3D MMORPGs. Sadly here, DSL only goes as far as 8 MB Down, so I can't use DSL :<

    To offset my cable expenses, I use tracphone for my only phone line. Surprisingly, the quality is good, but the phones aren't, and often have antenna issues. (Shaking the phone helps.)
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