i am a matlab user and recently singly booted my pc by formatting xp.so i need some alternative to matlab,like octave and scilab.

i have installed orcave and scilab.orcave is fine except when i open
man orcave ,then i can't close it,rather i have to close terminal.this is actually not a problem with orcave but with me in using ubuntu.

the real problem is with orcave.i don't know exactly in which language it is displaying its command line commands.i can't read what i have written on command window of scilab.however when i type commands of matlab for plotting,i get the required result.but what to do with font or language in which it displays alphabets?
i am attatching a screenshot of my scilab

i googled through scilab and found that xmllab combined with octave is useful for many purpose and provides excellent gui tools much similar to matlab.
but it is not available in apt-get. to use it it requires scilab 4.0 and apt provides 3.2.i tried to download octave ,it was in tar.gz which is format blocked by our proxy server. how to overcome this?
can't i get one from apt?