Does anyone know of a good source of information about the reliability of different makes and models of Solid State Drives (SSDs)?

The best information I can find is on this page

They publish statistics for hardware returns twice a year but their statistics for SSDs seem to be based on manufacturer's data (for other products they use retailer's data which is likely to be more independent) and give the rate of returns rather than the failure rate.

This article provides a good careful analysis of SSD reliability,2923-9.html

- it provides very valuable data but isn't able to do a direct comparison of different makes and models.

I think Google did a study on SSD reliability but it didn't seem to compare different makes and models.

For the majority of SSD users reliability is extremely important - for most of us, reliability is more important than purchase cost and performance differences - but it seems almost impossible to find any good data on this.

It's easy to find anecdotal information about SSD reliability (e.g. "I bought one and...") but does anyone know of a source of statistically valid information comparing different makes and models?