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Thread: Thunderbird tags

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    Thunderbird tags

    OK, I feel like there is a really obvious answer to this, but I have just started using Thunderbird tags, and now I want to sort by the tags I use.

    How do I do this?

    If I click on the quick filter - tags thing it shows every single thing that has a tag in that folder only....

    So, I have about 8 subfolders, and have gone through and tagged a bunch of things (to do, later, home) whatever, then I want to view everything marked 'to do' do I find these things only?

    As I mentioned earlier, Quick filter bar just separates everything tagged from everything not, and is specific to that folder. I couldn't see anything in the view options to solve this (did I not look hard enough?). Also, in, say Gmail, if I am in an email tagged as to-do, the tag itself is a link to everything else with the same tag, blogs and fora work the same way of course, but the TB tags aren't links, so no can do.

    As I said, I really feel like I am missing something obvious on this one, since at the moment it seems like tags miss the entire point of tags...

    TB7, Ubuntu 11.04 if that helps.

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    Re: Thunderbird tags

    So i played with quick filter further and see how it lets me select the tag(s) I want and filter by them, but it remains single folder only, anyway for this to apply across all folders in an account?

    Oh, and using 2 email accounts, one POP for work, one IMAP for Gmail, but would be happy if it only worked on the POP.
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    Re: Thunderbird tags

    Go to Edit>Find>Search Messages, then create a new search for the tag that you want. There is a "Search for messages in" field, but you can only select one folder. However, if you click "Save as Search Folder" then you can select as many folders as you want. Also, saving as a search folder means you won't have to go through the process every time.

    Hope this helps.

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