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Thread: Mobile Broadband

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    Mobile Broadband

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a usb mobile internet (UMTS) stick which works fine on a number of installations (10.04 32bit, 11.04 32bit): I simply plug in the stick, the system asks me for the PIN and then I can connect.

    However, I have recently set up a new installation (on an identical laptop) using 10.04 64bit and find that the stick does not get recognised. This is very strange because the memory on the stick is recognised and UMTS on a PCMIA-unit works. But the system won't recognise my usb UMTS-Stick.

    I have set up the connection (in network connections) just as on the other laptops but the "Mobile Broadband" entry simply does not appear (as it does for the PCMCIA-unit and for the usb-unit on other laptops).

    I have installed all the latest updates.

    Any idea on this one? Is there a component that I need to install to get this working? Or is there a manual command that I can use?

    Many thanks,
    Alan Searle
    Cologne, Germany.

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    Re: Mobile Broadband

    usb-modeswitch is installed?

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    Re: Mobile Broadband

    Many thanks: That worked perfectly.


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