I've been facing this issue for some while.

The issue is: Everytime I make/recieve a call with Skype I hear a high noise specially a particular noise pattern.

To know what I'm writing about, please use the following link to hear a sample: http://soundcloud.com/bobmerhebi/pattern-noise/s-hj8mQ

The noise pattern occurs @ 0.55 min. (btw, i recorded this with audacity)

I thought the noise might be from the laptop fan, so i cleaned it & it was full of dust, but the pattern remained.

P.S.: I do not hear thise noise in any recordings including radio streams.

It is really annoying during a skype call; i canbarely hear the other person's voice.

Hope you could help me figure its source & elimiate it. (might it be from the other person's computer ?)

thanks in advance