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Thread: how to make custom .iso with my programs

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    Lightbulb how to make custom .iso with my programs

    Hi! I'm annoyed to add all the software and language packs after i install ubuntu for family. Is there any way to make a custom .iso file that will contain language setting, extra software and codecs so the process of installing will be nicer. i install on different hardware than mine. please advice

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    Re: how to make custom .iso with my programs

    Yes, here are some links:

    and this one looks most promising;

    And last but not least, here is one right here on this forum:

    Let us know how it worked out, if you had any trouble and what you did to overcome them! Good luck!
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    Re: how to make custom .iso with my programs

    In some countries, the local Ubuntu people make an 'Ubuntu Remix'.
    Check if you can find one for your locale before doing it yourself
    Check if you can share your 'Ubuntu Remix' after doing it

    Have fun
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    Re: how to make custom .iso with my programs

    just use clonezilla which can just create an image
    of current installation and paste it on the new drive so you
    have an exact copy of your current installation in multiple pc.

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