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Thread: Problems with Ubuntu 11.04 with hp envy 14 [graphics]

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    Re: Problems with Ubuntu 11.04 with hp envy 14 [graphics]

    Quote Originally Posted by Goldenhouse View Post
    After updating (reinstalled) ubuntu, the graphics are working correctly and no problem with startup anymore. But now my big problem is the fan, it is going on full speed all the time. I check my temperatures and they are low, around 50-60 C, so no problem with temperature. And I think because of the fans my battery will run out fast, in 1,5 hours or less.

    If anyone know how to fix this I would really appreciate it (:

    Thank you
    Are you sure you are using the integrated graphics card and not the discrete graphics card? And that the discrete card is turned off? Are you using switcheroo to change the cards? If you haven't done anything to change the cards, the discrete GPU is the default, and it may on and creating enough heat to require the fans to be one. I'd think it would run cooler than 50-60 on the iGPU. What do you use to measure the temp? I could measure mine and find out if your temps are normal.

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    Re: Problems with Ubuntu 11.04 with hp envy 14 [graphics]

    For the mouse, 2 finger tap is the same as a right click and you can enable 2 finger scrolling in the mouse options, had the same problems with the clickpad on a hp probook.
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