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Thread: First boot of morning kernel panic

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    First boot of morning kernel panic

    Hi...this is my first ever post so I hope it's in thee right section..

    EVERY morning when I wake up, i turn on the PC and get - kernel panic unable to mount root (0,0).

    I have to hard reboot 2 times for it to boot properly , then it is OK for the rest of the day

    I tried the pci=noacpi and it worked for 3 days - THEN BACK TO PREVIOUS PROBLEM

    I am new to Linux, and love it all except for this persistent problem,. I AM NOT going back to Windows if I can possibly help it but this kernel panic is <snip> majorly


    Dell Dimension 4600i
    Pentium 4 2.60 GHz CPU H/T (Northwood)
    2GB DDR RAM (2x1GB)
    80 GB HD (ATA)
    onboard audio/video

    single boot Ubuntu 10.04-3 LTS

    ANY help would be very much appreciated

    p.s loaded OS from downloaded/burned ISO from UBUNTU.COM
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    Re: First boot of morning kernel panic


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    Re: First boot of morning kernel panic

    Hi and welcome to the forums

    Please don't bump your thread more than once in 24 hours. The forums are very busy and we are all volunteers here so sometimes it can take time before a post is answered.

    I would also like to remind you that these forums are visited by people of all ages and to think twice before using certain linguistic expressions.

    To the problem:
    please help us diagnose the issue by posting the results of the boot info script.

    There is a link at the bottom of my post with instructions.

    Thanks for understanding.

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    Re: First boot of morning kernel panic

    In my experience, this type of problem is often caused by a physical connector which doesn't work well until it has warmed up a bit.

    If you are comfortable working inside the case of your PC, turn off the power, then try just disconnecting, then connecting each of the cables. Also pull out and re-insert any expansion cards and RAM modules. If you aren't comfortable doing that yourself, perhaps you have a more experienced friend?

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    Re: First boot of morning kernel panic

    The advice about disconnecting and reconnecting cables is a waste of time. There's no need to do that. Ever.

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