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Thread: Missing Facebook plugins

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    Re: Missing Facebook plugins

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainMark View Post
    ah well you should always use an up to date operating system if you intend on surfing the net, its just safer that way, lubuntu is a version of ubuntu designed to run well on older machines and will give you the best performance follow this link to download it, burn it to a cd using brasero which you shoould already have installed under applications > sound and video, then re-install it over ubuntu, make sure to back up precious files first
    Interesting. I'll take a look at that if my computer continues to act old and kirmudgeony. Getting CDs burned is kind of a hassle for me right now. Only reason why I got Ubuntu at all is it was the only version of Linux at the library with the word "Beginner's" in the title and a disc in the back of the book. Annoying that they had 15 copies of Sharepoint manuals but only two battered old Linux books, one of which was just a command dictionary.

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