I have an old but still reliable HP LaserJet 5 with a duplexing unit and the Postscript option. Until several months ago it was working just fine under Kubuntu. But at some point, which I can't pin down, the drivers no longer seemed able to handle the options. The printer does still work, however. I'm running Kubuntu Natty, fully updated.

I have two problems. First, when I send a job to the printer it doesn't print immediately. Instead, the printer's status display flashes the message "DATA RECEIVED". I need to press the GO button to have printing actually take place. Second, the printer operates in duplex mode even when I specify None for the duplexing operation in the print options for an application. That makes printing take twice as long when I only want single-sided printing, and really messes things up if I'm using the sheet feeder with card stock in it, since the card stock gets stuck in the duplexing unit.

The printer configuration setup in System Settings offers four printers of this general type: LaserJet 5, LaserJet 5M, LaserJet 5MP, and Laserjet 5P. I can also choose between the Foomatic driver and the CUPS driver. The printer itself says "LaserJet 5" on it, and the self-test indicates that the PCL, PCLXL, and POSTSCRIPT personalities are all available. So far I have not found any combination of printer type and driver that behaves correctly.

I know the printer can do the right thing because at one time in the not too distant past, which I can't pin down, it was indeed doing the right thing. How can I get it to do the right thing again? And which combination of printer type/driver should I use?