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Thread: Realtek 8111/8168: Cannot locate driver to compile module

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    Realtek 8111/8168: Cannot locate driver to compile module

    Hello there, I've been experiencing the issues that appear to go hand in hand with the Realtek onboard 8111/8168 ethernet adapter.

    Now, I have perused many of the fine step-by-step posts on how to resolve this issue by removing the 8169 module, blacklisting 8169, compiling a new module from the 8168 driver from realtek, and voila internet.

    I can probably muddle my way through the process of compiling with many fantastic errors and eventually get this to work. My problem is I cannot seem to find the same driver everyone is working with.

    In any steps I have seen posted, this is the tarball that has been acquired:


    However, this is the only one I can find on the realtek site (this is where every link I have tried from every step-by-step takes me):


    I've located an 8168-8.025.00.tar.bz2. Nevermind me, move along.
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