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Thread: How to verify which video driver is active?

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    How to verify which video driver is active?

    I've just installed Ubuntu 11.04 (64-bit). After installation I selected "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version current) [Recommended] from the Additional Drivers dialog box and let it download and install. Once I re-booted the Additional Drivers dialog box says that the driver is "activated but not currently in use" I can go into nVidia X Server Settings and change the screen resolution, etc. This leads me to believe that the nVidia driver is actually being used. A search of /etc/X11/xorg.conf turns up nothing. I guess that this file is no longer used? I have a Gforce 9500 GT graphics card. How do I determine which video driver is being used? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: How to verify which video driver is active?

    The "activated but not in use" message is a bug. It's almost certainly in use. To be sure, try this in a terminal:

    sudo lshw -C video
    It should show "driver=nvidia" if the proprietary driver is in use, or "driver=nouveau" if the open-source driver.
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    Re: How to verify which video driver is active?

    Thanks coffeecat. Terminal command returns the following:
    description: VGA compatible controller
    product: G96 [GeForce 9500 GT]
    vendor: nVidia Corporation
    physical id: 0
    bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0
    version: a1
    width: 64 bits
    clock: 33MHz
    capabilities: pm msi pciexpress vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom
    configuration: driver=nvidia latency=0
    resources: irq:16 memory:fd000000-fdffffff memory:d0000000-dfffffff memor

    driver=nvidia so I'm good to go.
    Thanks again.


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