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Thread: Using Qsynth

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    Using Qsynth

    Hi All,

    I have a simple setup:

    QSynth (fluidsynth)

    I can load up a soundfont just fine and play notes,...etc. However, my problem is I cannot switch to a sound which is on a different channel. All I can play is which ever instrument is on Channel 1.

    How can I play the sounds/intstruments on Channels 2-16?

    I have this problem while using SEQ24 as well, For things like hydrogen, I can easily switch the the channel via hydrogen, however I cant for the life of me figure out how to do that using qsynth.

    Sorry for such a dumb question, I'm sure there's an easy solution to this and I appreciate the help.


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    Re: Using Qsynth

    Hi, to use multiple soundfonts, click the + sign on the lower left
    of the gui, which opens a new tab for a second/third/fourth instance,
    and choose a soundfont for each.

    If the sounfont is a bank with many sounds, once the soundfont
    for the new tab is in place, click the 'Channels' button on the main gui,
    and click or double click the instrument that is on channel 1.

    This should open that tabs chosen sounfont requestor,
    so if qsynth2 tabs soundfont has 128 instuments, or 32 etc,
    any of them can be chosen by double clicking them, or single click and
    press OK on the requestor.

    So each tab still plays back the sounds on channel 1, and needs
    its own connections in qjackctl.
    Call it multi-timbral, or midi omni mode, Sampletank and other
    pro samplers can do this. So does zynaddsubfx/yoshimi.

    To play back a different soundfont on each of the default
    midi channels, you may have to install fluidsynth-dssi, and
    open it in qtractor, or rosegarden, with a track for each
    midi channel. The version I have here does not allow it in
    the standalone qsynth, or fluidsynth, not sure why.
    You could type command

    fluidsynth --help

    and experiment with the options:

    fluidsynth -j -L 16 -o audio.jack.multi=yes -a jack name.sf2

    Its a very sensible question. Maybe if the default qsynth had
    3 tabs open it would be more obvious.

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    Re: Using Qsynth

    while on the sf2 topic, E-mu soundfonts are on sale for awhile,

    coupon code OCTOBER at checkout during October saves 30%
    on all sounds.

    These are very affordable, excellent quality, many sound styles,
    and sfz format is also available, that may work in linuxsampler.

    sf2 is working fine in qsynth.


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