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Thread: Restore the sudoers, "sudo chmod 777 -R /.*" fatal command

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    Angry Restore the sudoers, "sudo chmod 777 -R /.*" fatal command


    I know, I'm crazy, I wrote the command

    sudo chmod 777 -R /*.*

    in my ubuntu server, its a fatal command

    Now my etc/sudoers file and etc/sudoers.d folder are blocking any operation on my server, even I'm not able to connect by FTP or SSH to the server. I was able to change the permissions of the sudoers to the 0440 but even now it is still not fixed. Now Im not able to logging remotely to the server, but Im going to have access to the physic machine next days, but any way I don't know what to try..
    I will be really thankful if someone can help me, or give some ideas what to do, otherwise I will have to format, and even Im not able to copy the files to backup the information needed

    best regards!

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    Re: Restore the sudoers, "sudo chmod 777 -R /.*" fatal command

    Duplicate here:

    Thread closed.
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