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Thread: Oxygen-gtk3 on KDE4

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    Re: Oxygen-gtk3 on KDE4

    Quote Originally Posted by DDZ View Post
    The same thing happened to me this afternoon (Evolution 3.2.1).
    Any idea to solve the problem ? Any way to contact the developper in order to indicate the bug ?

    Thank you in advance for your answer !
    Used to have the same problem. I downloaded oxygen-gtk3 source and rebuild it but what solved the problem was to install GTK configuration from here
    And then set various parameters (in the system panel, with other usual GTK stuff). Evolution now working fine. Seems like some parameters where not set in my .config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini and that was causing the issue. I don't think that the rebuild of the oxygen-gtk3 was the solution, but told you just in case

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    Re: Oxygen-gtk3 on KDE4

    Running gnome-settings-daemon fixed the GTK appearance for me. Open a terminal, run your GTK app (synaptic, evolution, etc.), and then run
    The appearance instantly changes. Kill gnome-settings-daemon and the appearance reverts back to the ugly style. Now I just need to start this upon log in.

    I tried the gtk3 engine hack but it didn't work. Also, it bit back when the 3rd party repository ( upgraded to KDE 4.8; Oneiric is using KDE 4.7.

    Packages installed:
    appmenu-gtk3 0.3.0-0ubuntu1
    gtk3-engines-unico 1.0.1-0ubuntu1
    libavahi-ui-gtk3-0 0.6.30-4ubuntu1
    libcanberra-gtk3-0 0.28-0ubuntu11
    libcanberra-gtk3-module 0.28-0ubuntu11
    libdbusmenu-gtk3 0.4.3-0ubuntu4
    libdbusmenu-gtk3-4 0.5.0-0ubuntu3
    libindicate-gtk3 0.6.1-0ubuntu1
    libmoonlight-gtk3.0-cil 2.3-0ubuntu5
    libseed-gtk3-0 3.2.0-0ubuntu1
    python-aptdaemon.gtk3widgets 0.43+bzr697-0ubuntu1
    kde-config-gtk 2:0.5.3-1ubuntu2
    gtk2-engines-oxygen 1.1.2-1ubuntu1

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    Re: Oxygen-gtk3 on KDE4

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