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Thread: Lubuntu Scrollbar width

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    Lubuntu Scrollbar width


    I switched to Lubuntu (yes, I am a refugee after the Unity invasion) and so far I find it great.

    Except for one thing... the scroll bars are very narrow. Yes, I can use the scroll wheel of my mouse but I still find myself struggling hitting the tiny bar. Using mousepad makes it even more difficult.

    Is there any Openbox/LXDE/whatever setting file where I can adjust it?

    I google and google and google and can't find anything. Thanks a million!!!

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    Re: Lubuntu Scrollbar width

    Never mind... I just chose a different desktop theme and that took care of it. Of course the themes I tried before posting the question did not do it... Murphy's law.

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    Re: Lubuntu Scrollbar width

    Lubuntu is great and it's getting better after each release. I'm testing Lubuntu 11.10 and I can see many improvements

    Glad you managed to fix that issue. Yes, with changing Themes such issues could be solved.

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