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Thread: Unclean unmouting solution

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    Red face Unclean unmouting solution

    I was having issues with all my non-root filesystems never being unmounted correctly on shutdown/reboot, after much investigating the solution was incredibly simple:

    It seems having all main shutdown (or reboot) script at the same run sequence number as many other scripts means that these are executed before these other critical scripts have completed - including unmounting these filesystems!

    I know this affects 10.04 systems as a new test 10.04.3 install had the sequence set the same instead of last. It is ok in the 10.10, 11.04 & 11.10 beta systems that I have.

    It seems to have been reported here:

    If you have issues with your root filesystem not being unmounted cleanly then you may want to check this bug:
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