okay, So I have ubuntu 11.04
I connect to the Internet via a Iburst usb dongle which connects using a pppoe connection
I managed to compile and install the drivers for it and then installed rp-pppoe
and got connected!
i then ran pppoeconf and managed to make my laptop connect to the internet upon boot!
all was fine and dandy! but then i realised that my network manager doesn't know that there is a connection!
I thought it's not a problem!
BUT! my evolution mail! thinks its offline too! and after searching around i realised that evolution mail thinks its offline since network manager thinks its offline ...
So now what?
My iburst driver comes up as ib0
i was wondering if i can make ib0 connect with the eth0 and let network manager think he is connected via the wired network to the internet
if you have any ideas i would be grateful
I would like to have my evolution mail run because I like it a lot!

Note :
whenever there is a wifi hotspot, i connect normally and my evolution mail works perfectly fine.

Thanks alot for all your help