I have a Toshiba M115. It belonged to my mother, who once upon a time had windows on it. A couple years ago I put ubuntu on it for her, and she loved it, and never had a single problem, That is until her work demanded that she use some program that required windows. So I put windows back on, and she used it until it became unstable again, so she gave up on it and gave it back to me. I fully erased windows and put 11.04 on it. No sound, at all. I tried many of the fixes, but none worked. I decided to try version 10.04 instead, since I knew that once before sound had worked (i'm thinking it had the netbook ubuntu on it), but it wouldnt work in ubuntu 10 either. So I put 11.04 back on ( i really like 11 besides no sound) and I'm wondering if sound on a Toshiba Satellite M115 is a lost cause on the newer Ubuntu 10 and 11.04? I did see this toshiba model number appear in a bug report about sound, but so many Ubuntu users are resilient, and someone always seems to figure out the impossible. I will post any data needed if someone wants to try at it, any help would be appreciated.