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Thread: Which is safer Ubuntu partition for Wubi?

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    Exclamation Which is safer Ubuntu partition for Wubi?

    I was wondering what is safer Ubuntu partition or Wubi. See I want ubuntu but don't want my computer to break. My father said if t OS gets messed up he will not help. Also there is no place I could call for support so I want the safest and easiest way to get ubuntu 10.10 or 10.04 desktop edition

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    Re: Which is safer Ubuntu partition for Wubi?

    Wubi is safer for your windows install. It's also easier to remove Ubuntu if you don't like it. However, Wubi is not best for long term use. For your Ubuntu install, partitioning is safer.

    Whatever you do, you can (should) insure yourself by creating a full set of windows restore disks (the OS), your data, and also creating a windows repair disk. Then no matter what happens, you will be okay.

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