I suggested my brother to use ubuntu instead of windows xp. I installed ubuntu 11.04 on his Acer aspire 5738Z. I thought that wireless and wired Internet connections will automatically connect. But neither wired nor wireless connection work.

I understand nothing about networking but if I change IPv4 setting- Method to ManualI am able to connect to router but still internet does not connect.

It means Automatic(DHCP) is not working. Manual settings work half. I set ip address 192.168.1.x where is any to digit no say 11 or 27. I set subnet mask After settin these values connection with router is established but still Internet is not accessible.

I tried fedora 15 live cd. Ubuntu 10.10 live cd, Mandriva 2010 live cd but no linux is able to connect to router without making above mentioned changes. Windows xp is able to connect to router automatically without making any changes.