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Thread: desktop environment extreme optimism

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    desktop environment extreme optimism

    Ok, here's what I want. This would be my perfect desktop environment...

    1. Unity top panel, unchanged.
    2. Gnome shell, no dash.
    3. A gnome 2 style panel at the bottom with a window list.


    Yes yes I know, there's not enough kung-fu in the world right now... but is there any way under unity to kill dash and add a gnome 2 panel whilst leaving the unity top panel intact? That'd be close enough for me, for now. I've found a few similar threads but nothing about this specifically.
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    Re: desktop environment extreme optimism

    Easiest solution I can think of:

    Alternate menuplus Launcher at bottom

    The only thing I can't work out is how to get rid of the default dash icon and replace it with the Cardapio icon (or maybe configure ClassicMenu to have a larger icon on the left of the unity bar (like 11.04)?)

    If you wanted to go a little further, I suppose you could get something like MyUnity to change the dimensions etc. of the launcher to your liking.

    You should check around HERE to see if there's anything else you'd like changed.


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