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Thread: Return variable from thread in c++

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    Return variable from thread in c++


    Sorry that this relates to a Windows dev issue but I'm hoping you'll all look past that bit .

    I'm working on a dll in c++ and I've had to wrap the functionality within a thread as it was complaining when I called the COM Initialize as it was already open (dll is being called from C#), and I'm basically just wrapping up some existing code from the vshadow sample in the Windows api.

    I'm calling the following code:

    hdl = CreateThread(NULL, 0, mainThread, (LPVOID)&p, 0, NULL);
    if (hdl == NULL)

    DWORD WINAPI mainThread(LPVOID lpParam)
    //Thread code blah blah blah

    As you can see mainThread has a return of DWORD, which I'm led to believe is basically an unsigned int.

    I'm wanting to return a GUID from the code within mainThread back to the code that executed the CreateThread method.

    All is in the same class.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Return variable from thread in c++

    The only way I can think of is to change the API of your function so that you pass it a shared memory area i.e. a class instance, or similar, and your function stores it's return into that memory.

    From what i know of threads is that they have no return value.
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    Re: Return variable from thread in c++

    Thanks for this, I was coming to that conclusion but just wanted to make sure I wasn't being dumb as there seems little on the topic other than being able to retrieve the exit code, which is basically the unsigned int.

    Is there a nasty way to do it such as a public static variable or something or would the thread have no access to it?

    I'm fairly new to C++ so I'm bumbling my way through it .

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    Re: Return variable from thread in c++

    Finally fixed it!!

    Instead of creating my own thread wrapped around the COM code, I changed the COM Initializer from




    This allowed me to pass values back as normal as no functionality was wrapped in a thread.

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