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Thread: USB sound card question

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    USB sound card question

    Hey there, I poked around the sticky and didn't see anything on this so I'll post here;

    Basically, I have a Wireless Stereo Headset that channels sound through a USB stick. On Ubuntu 10.04, if you click on the Volume icon in the Indicator Applet and go to Sound Preferences, you can switch to this sound card by going to Input/Output and selecting Wireless Stereo Headset.

    Here's the thing, though... I switch this stick frequently from PS3 to the Ubuntu box. I'd like to make it so that once Ubuntu sees the device it will switch to it automatically, as it currently sticks to the on board sound card until I go back into those settings and change everything again. Is there a way to go about this?

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    Re: USB sound card question


    (If it's not OK to bump then I'm sorry)

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