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Thread: 870k+ load cycle count on WD green drives

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    Exclamation 870k+ load cycle count on WD green drives

    Hi. While looking for info on what drives to buy next for my fileserver I found a neat little surprise. The WD green drives are so green they are parking the heads so often their lifetime can easily be reduced to less than a year. Checking my two 1Tb WD drives I see the "Load/Unload Cycle Count" has a value over 870 000 (each) after running for just over a year. They have a minimum rating of 300 000 for a lifetime...

    How alarmed should I be? I was going to upgrade the server with another 1 Tb drive but it seems I should get three new drives and replace the WD green ones? After doing so, can they still be used for anything or should they be tossed?

    They are currently in a raid5 setup with two other drives. I trust that the raid-array could be rebuilt if one green drive dies, however, with the other one being at the verge of death, can I still sleep well at night?

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    Re: 870k+ load cycle count on WD green drives

    Found more info if anyone is interested:

    "the drives are designed to be good for 1 million parks"
    apparently, although my retailer stated 300k. I do not know for sure.

    Seems it will be sufficient to disable "IntelliPark" with WDidle3:

    and hope the drives won't fail shortly after 1 million parks.

    This guys drives have reached 1.3 million parks, still working fine

    I'm just going to let them be in the raid5 array and hope all works out in the end.

    Lesson to be learned: if buying WD green drives, disable IntelliPark at day 1 and live happy


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