After trolling the forums for solutions to my wireless adapter compatibility issues I've finally found a simple cheap fix that might work for many different systems and OS versions.
I had installed the lucid 10.04 LTS 32 bit ubuntu OS. And shortly I found out that my current wireless USB adapter didnt work, because it wasn't on the list of compatible chips. I also learned that many other people had the same problem. I probably bought and tried 4 or 5 different brands some that were even on the list with no luck.
So a salesperson asked if my Internet connection worked when I plugged my ethernet into the tower. Which it did, so he suggested that I try "netgear's universal wireless internet adapter for tv and blue ray" (model # wnce2001) It truly is plug and play. The only physical connection between the computer and the device is through the Ethernet cable. So the computer thinks just getting plugged into a wired connection. BAM There is no software (No CD) to install hence no compatibility issues.
The directions are straight foward and simple to follow. in 5 minutes I was watching youtube videos and downloading videos in no time I was so stoked. I just needed to share this.
so have fun surfin.