I happen to have ubuntu 12.10.

Trying to install gambas2 with tar.bz2 file. I extracted it on my desktop in a folder called gambas. Looked into the INSTALL file and said to use
sudo make install

But it keeps telling me: no such file or directory.


tomassio@tomassio-VGN-NS21Z-S:~/Desktop/gambas$ dir
acinclude.m4 gb.compress.bzlib2 gb.net INSTALL
aclocal.m4 gb.compress.zlib gb.net.curl install-sh
app gb.corba gb.net.smtp main
AUTHORS gb.crypt gb.opengl Makefile.am
ChangeLog gb.db.firebird gb.pcre Makefile.in
comp gb.db.mysql gb.pdf missing
component.am gb.db.odbc gb.qt NEWS
config.guess gb.db.postgresql gb.qte README
config.h.in gb.db.sqlite2 gb.qt.kde README.svn-commit
config.sub gb.db.sqlite3 gb.sdl reconf
configure.ac gb.desktop gb.sdl.sound reconf-all
COPYING gb.gtk gb.v4l TEMPLATE
depcomp gb.gtk.svg gb.xml
examples gb.image help
tomassio@tomassio-VGN-NS21Z-S:~/Desktop/gambas$ ./configure
bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

I installed ubuntu 12.10 yesterday and using it for first time. I did do apt-get update and upgrade.
I am new to ubuntu, so be specific in ur answer