Dear all,

I use ubuntu 11.04.
To work on the university server, I need to use an ssh tunnel and then I use the Terminal Server Client to connect to a Windows 7 or Windows 2008 server.
This works, however, I work with a belgian azerty keyboard.

When choosing the keyboard (in the Terminal Server Client: under local resources): be
the keyboard layout is correct, but I cannot use the arrows, page down/up, delete, home, end, ... buttons!
If I use the en-us layout, the keyboard layout is qwerty but the arrows, etc all work.

When working I need both. Under Windows 7 (which I am trying to replace because Ubuntu is faster) everything works.

Any help is highly appreciated!

Best regards,

system: ubuntu 11.04 on Dell studio laptop
server: windows 7 or 2008 through SSH tunnel