I have two recently created 11.04 machines. One is an Eee PC 1015PX created two weeks ago. I deleted Vista completely in favor of a pure Ubuntu laptop. The other is a homemade AMD desktop on which I installed 11.04 yesterday. Wireless works fine in the Eee PC but for purposes of my questions I have connected it to the home network via ethernet so there's one less variable. I have two issues.

The Eee PC is seen by my homemade box in the Network window, but the homemade box is not seen by the Eee PC. I suspect this may be because I can't recall giving the homemade box a name during the installation of Ubuntu. I can't figure out where to go to check that and, if necessary, give the computer a name for purposes of networking. Or maybe it's something else entirely.

The second issue is more odd. I am sharing the Documents, Music and Pictures folders on my Eee PC. The homemade box sees all three folders and seems to mount them just fine. The Documents and Pictures folders are found and shared without problem. The Music folder, however, opens up empty in the share window on my homemade box. I can't see the 25 Gb of mp3 music files in that folder on the Eee PC that I would like to copy to the homemade box as a backup.

I have looked at the documentation for Samba and also reviewed the comments in etc/samba/smb.conf but neither caused any lightbulbs to come on.

I've been using Ubuntu for 10 years without ever getting technical with it because it has always "just worked" for the things I wanted to do. Or when it hasn't the Forums have given my answers quickly and easily. If you have advice for me, please couch it in terms a complete newbie will understand. Thanks very much.