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Thread: can't install 11.04 version

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    Question can't install 11.04 version

    I can not install ubuntu 11.04 in my system. On booting I can see up to the display ubuntu. Then it will not work. But I can install ubuntu 8.04 with out any problem.

    My system details are given below.
    Intel® Core™ i3-350M Processor
    (2.26GHz, 3MB L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB)
    Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 32 bit
    Memory Slot 1 (GB): 2GB DDR3
    Memory Slot 2 (GB): 2GB DDR3
    320GB SATA @ 5400 rpm

    one year before i used ubuntu in dual boot mode. i didn't remember the version. but at that time some of my system option like bluetooth, camera etc were not working. so i removed the ubuntu. now i heard 11.04 is more power full. i wish to install 11.04 in dual boot mode. i downloaded 11.04 32 bit version and wrote it in a dvd with the help of toshiba disc creater.

    please help me.

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    Re: can't install 11.04 version

    @abhirajtk: I recently went through a lot of problems with my install but eventually it was the cd/iso file I burned. I had to use the directions at and follow to the letter. Even doing this the first time I somehow got a corrupted copy so I had to redo the instructions and got it to work fine. It could be more technical than that. Your system is plenty adequate to handle Ubuntu. Good luck.

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    Re: can't install 11.04 version

    If you are determined to continue with this, then BEFORE you do anything else, do yourself a favor and use the Backup feature in Win7 to create and burn a Win7 Repair CD.

    That will prove invaluable later, should something go wrong during your dual-boot setup and you have to repair the Win7 boot loader, or you simply want to remove Ubuntu and restore your original Win7-based MBR.
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    Re: can't install 11.04 version

    I think cd/iso is the right way to proceed. I would also want you to check your hard disk for bad sectors before you install Ubuntu
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    Re: can't install 11.04 version

    A few notes. I'd definitely install 64 bit on that system. I'd download the iso using a torrent as not only do I get better results but also its faster. Yes it is good to get prepared for any potential windows issues before you start, but I kind of wonder what side of the bed Mark got up on today. You have some experience with dual boot but it couldn't hurt to look at hermans site to refresh yourself on dual boot installation. I use usb instead of cd and I create the usb with unetbootin usually. As you'll see from that site you can use this from linux or windows.

    Do choose try ubuntu when you boot the install media. Make sure your video is working well (do you see the unity desktop or classic gnome) and connect to the internet, preferably via wire but it is good to test that your wireless is working too. When you are satisfied that ubuntu is doing well, choose to install.

    Tell us if you have any issues with specifics of what happened.
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