As you probably all know, Macbook Pro 8.x owners, with a Broadcom 4331 wireless card, ) have had to endure the hardship of being tethered with a network cable to the wall, or use the flaky ndiswrapper locking up our precious systems at random moments (read: whenever we are doing something important and haven't saved our data yet).

But no more of this now: After some search I found that there is a solution to get our wireless working properly with the newest open-source b43 driver (recall that the proprietary wl driver *STILL* provides no support for the BCM4331). The solution is here and whilst it does involve compiling a kernel module, (but not upgrade the entire kernel to 3.0+), the steps are well laid out and should be easy to follow:

I have tested this and it works great on Ubuntu 11.04 (natty). This post is written and published without any strings attached!

Note 1: If you later do a kernel update through the package manager you will also have to recompile the module as it will probably get overwritten.

Note 2: If the link in the post is not working ( is down after their unfortunate security mishab), then get the required package from for example