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LOL, then I guess it's not a bug

I believe you but I guess I need to imagine and in that case, I'll help you blindly.
Have you changed any settings?
Forget the Terminal. Try to open for example PCManFM and place the Window above your Browser or vice-versa ... see if the same will happen?
PCManFM doesn't get partially transparent. But mtPaint does, for example. It is even more weird. When the browser is minimalized, and the terminal or mtPaint not, then I can watch the video!! Right through some parts of their windows.

Because a screenshot does not catch it, I would suspect the drivers or some hardware things. I don't know how exactly screenshots are taken, but I guess it is done via software that gets info from the OS or from the desktop environment. That would indeed mean that these issues are not chaught by a screenshot, just because it could be caused by the driver or hardware.

Does this sound plausible?