Another important resource has just been opened up here, as you can see. Welcome on board everybody!

This forum will be much more usefull for longer discussions than the post/reply options you have in our Facebook group ( for those that haven't yet seen it), so you are invited to link to threads and posts on this forum for any more "in-depth" discussion.

Our subdomain for the forum is not yet active, but that's been worked on as I type. As soon as that's done, the forum will of course also be listed as one of the resources in our LoCo page at in the LoCo team directory.

I'm hopeful that our mailing list will also be activated soon, so that all channels of communication are indeed available.

While you can register here with a seperate account, I think the most practical solution for all LoCo Namibia team members ist to register on Launchpad first ( and then use the login option with the Launchpad ID and have that linked to your account here.

Other than that, not much to add on a Monday night, will have a beer now to celebrate our new forum here - hope you enjoy your evening too, and that we'll be having some lively discussions and Q&A sessions here soon!

A special invitation to anyone else from Namibia coming accross this forum - please feel free to join us! "The more, the merrier" certainly applies to a LoCo too