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Thread: System failure when connecting to a WPA/PEAP network

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    System failure when connecting to a WPA/PEAP network

    I am experiencing a severe problem when connecting to the network at my university. They use WPA/WPA2 Enterprise, PEAP with MSCHAPv2 authentication. If I connect to this network, I actually get a connection and I can access the internet. But after about 15 seconds very strange, seemingly unrelated things start to happen:
    • The KDE panel below suddenly hangs and restarts after 2 minutes. Then it works for about 15 seconds again, and it crashes again, and so on.
    • The icons on the desktop get unresponsive.
    • Adobe Flash Player randomly crashes in Mozilla Firefox. If I refresh the page, it works for a few seconds and then it crashes again.
    • If I do not manage to disconnect in five minutes or so, usually the whole system hangs and the only way to shut it down is using the Magic SysRq keys. (Even Ctrl+Alt+F1 to go to tty1 doesn't work anymore.)

    If I am connected at my home network (WEP security) there is no problem at all.
    There are other reports on a probably related issue, like this, this and other threads on this forum, but it seems that nobody has such extreme crashes like me.
    As I am now connected to my home network to be able to post this, I am now unable to execute commands to get information about the network, but here is information about my system:
    • Machine: HP EliteBook 8540w
    • OS version: Kubuntu 11.04, 32 bit
    • From the lspci command:
      44:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (rev 35)
    • From the lsmod command (I think these are the wireless modules):
      iwlagn                284745  0
      iwlcore               148964  1 iwlagn

    If you need more information, or information that I have to collect when I am connected to the university network again (on Monday), please ask.
    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Re: System failure when connecting to a WPA/PEAP network

    For your information, this was solved when I upgraded to Oneiric. I have no idea what caused it, but I'm glad it is solved


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