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Thread: "Error: You need to load the kernel first"

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    "Error: You need to load the kernel first"

    I got so excited when I found out that Natty has that cool windows 7 thing where you can snap a window to half of the screen that I threw a fit and smacked my netbook a couple times while it was running. Now at startup after the grub screen I get:

    error: couldn't read file
    error: you need to load the kernel first

    Press any key to continue...

    What might the problem be?

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    Re: "Error: You need to load the kernel first"

    The shock/impact of your 'joyous outburst' may have forced the drive heads into contact with the spinning platter.

    If you have a LiveCD/LiveUSB, please try booting from that, select 'TRY', and then fire up the 'Disk Utility'. Please take a look at the SMART 'health' of your drive.

    Post your findings...

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    Re: "Error: You need to load the kernel first"


    same thing here
    i executed the disk utility on my brand new samsung hard drive and i got:

    Bad Sectors: 24

    And in the Attribute assesment table i get
    Attribute: Current Pending Sector count
    Assesment : Warring

    is it a hard drive failure? . I've got a new drive three weeks ago as my old one was constantly failing

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    Re: "Error: You need to load the kernel first"

    I'm not a fan of Disk Utility. I would not trust it's claim as to disk health.

    A more reliable approach (in my opinion) would be to find out the make and model of your hard drive, go to the manufacturer's website, and see if they have a drive health utility you can download.

    If the drive has a warranty, they typically demand a report run from their own utilities before they will replace it.
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