I have a 500 GB hard disk on my Windows-7 running PC. Last week I installed Ubuntu 11.04 inside the windows (thru Wubi), and now upgraded to 11.10 version, both are very much same though. By mistake, I clicked on the triangle next to the devices in home folder sidepane. This unmounted "System Reserved" and "237 GB filesystem".

Since then those folders are not opening. It says "Unable to mount - Not authorized". I read many help sections on net which say that i should know the file path of those filesystems and the directory in which they must be mounted, so as to run the mount command on terminal. But i don't know the filepath, and neither the directories of my linux. So what should i do... Please help.. I am hardly a week old to Linux.

I think it would be minor problem only, so i should not leave Linux just bcoz of that. Plz help soon.