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Thread: RAID-10 rebuild

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    [solved] RAID-10 rebuild

    bit of a cross-post I guess, started here:
    no answer, and it's a little more serious now.

    I'm running a SATA2 raid-10 array built using Intel Rapid Storage Technologies pre-boot setup, part of the Acer system I'm running. It works just fine. I left my OS disk alone and just threw an extra 4 drives in the system, used the pre-boot Intel menu to configure them as RAID-10 and installed Ubuntu 11.4 on the single drive. Nothing fancy, no dual boot, no extra raid packages installed, nothing. In Ubuntu's Disk Utility, I just picked the raid drive and formatted it... done. The raid array comes up a little odd in Ubuntu proper, showing 2 of them in the places menu, only one of which works, and the order is a little random on each boot. But, it works just fine.

    The other day, I start getting SMART events (the computer, not me... I'm still waiting for those). One of the raid drives was failing. No problem, I have a spare, so I threw it in. The Intel pre-boot setup declares the array as "rebuilding in the OS" and so I boot into Ubuntu.

    So, just how to I get Ubuntu to rebuild the mirror part of my Raid-10 array? I thought it was doing it yesterday... lots of hd activity that eventually stopped after a few hours. But, on boot today, the Intel pre-boot config still says "rebuilding..." There's nothing in this pre-boot menu that lets me initiate a rebuild.

    Is there a utility, cl or gui, in Ubuntu that will show me the status of this array? Is there a way to force that rebuild? Having just had a failed drive, I'm a little keen on keeping that mirror part working for the next time.



    sudo dmraid -sa to get a report on the array
    sudo dmraid -rebuild "name from above" to rebuild it.
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