I didn't see answers to this exact problem, which is hopefully something fairly simple. I am currently in China and my ISP provided a PPPOE connection for us; using pppoeconfig I have that up and running fine over my wifi. I also purchased a VPN to get around the Great Firewall; I can get it running fully functionally on my Windows XP partition in conjunction with the PPPOE and Wifi connection, and I also work fine from my Ubuntu when working off a normal wifi network; however, when I try to connect here at home after connecting to the PPPOE network, connecting to the VPN causes my PPPOE connection (and therefore all my internet, including the VPN itself) to crash, and I need to re-run "pon dsl-provider" to regain connectivity. I'm no network guru, but I suspect this is just some conflict between how the pppoe manager and the VPN manager are juggling my network settings?

Once again, the question is how to get VPN + PPPOE to work simultaneously over wifi in Ubuntu 10.04.

Thanks in advance for any help in getting these to work simultaneously! I absolutely hate voyaging back into Windows just because something won't work in Ubuntu.