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Thread: Chrome install and error message

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    Re: Chrome install and error message

    Ign - No changes in the Diff files, ignoring.
    Get - Downloading the file
    Hit - File seems to be the same (Timestamp) so ignoring.

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    Re: Chrome install and error message

    Quote Originally Posted by vasa1 View Post
    Ubuntu 11.04 in Unity mode:
    I had downloaded the .deb for Google Chrome (not Chromium) from Google's official site. I used Firefox 6.02 for the download.

    After the download was completed, I had to click on Tools, Downloads, and then right-click on the download for Chrome to "open" it. This led to the Ubuntu Software Center (USC) opening with the option to install "Chrome".

    I clicked install but then got a pop-up (modal thingie?) indicating that there was a problem. In a bit of panic, I clicked "okay" but then tried to install again. This time it worked. But is there anyway I can dig out that error message at this time? I should have taken a screenshot at that time but I didn't

    On more point ... re. USC
    After installing most software, the "install" button changes to "remove". But this time, it showed "reinstall". Confusing ... since Chrome seems to be working just fine right now.
    This seems to be the message I had got:
    "the package might be corrupted or you are not allowed to open the file". It's not important now since subsequent updates have been just fine.

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