Hi there,

just unpacked my sexy x121e with Intel's i3. Here's my short review which should help you avoid some pitfalls, that made me almost cry yesterday.

Forst and foremost - without tweaking BIOS you will fail to boot it from a stick. UEFI needs to be disables. Symptoms: a stick created wit unetbootin booted fine on my desktop; immediately a nice unetbootin log-in screen was visible. Same stick on my shiny x121e booted with GRUB instead of unetbootin (1st of way to many many 'WTFs' that day) and regardles of the option I choose, the entire machine hanged after a while (usb's led stopped blinkng as well)

Second - even if the installation on 11.04 is successfull, there is a chance you will not be able to boot from the hard drive. Symptoms: Error message stating that there is "No operating system". This was however discussed in other posts.

Third - x121e has no hard on/off Wi-fi switch. So if you have problems enabling wireless nic and it has been properly detected and installed (ifconfig displays wlan0, buit there is a remark that the card is off) try the following:

- "rfkill list" (this will display all adapters which are radio frequency enabled; find the number next to your wlan and:
- "rfkill unblock <NUMER>"

This did the trick for me

Fourth - if you discover that your wireless lan connection is extremly slow (I mean modem slow, even though you have perfect signal, and wireless manager says you're cruising at 13 Mbits, try and disable the n-mode in your wireless router. Did the trick for me