I installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my nx9105 Compaq (HP) Laptop. Immediately (after a very slow installation with several halts) I ran into the broadcom firmware "no wireless problem". This is s.th. I might need some help with later on.
Despite from that, most of the times I end up in a booting issue.
After Grub shows several boot options and choosing to boot normally to Ubuntu I end up with a blank screen and a flashing cursor. Sometimes it's a purple color filled screen and the harddisk just stops to make noises (also, when it's the blank black screen with flashing cursor). If in rare cases the system boots and starts Ubuntu, I find a very smooth and bug free operating system which I'd like to discover more and more.
What I need is too slowly (step by step) analyse where the problem could be in the booting process.
I already read it could be a graphic card issue with nvidia. I'd be thankful for instructions on how to post logs and finally find a solution that can be used generally for other compaq nx9105 users, too.