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Thread: gnome-pannel dosn't appear

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    gnome-pannel dosn't appear

    I upgraded Ubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04 . the system said upgrade is complete but with some errors(it says gconf is failed to install or update). when I log in after upgrade desktop is shown without panel then i launch terminal Using launcher(right click on desktop and on clicking create launcher menu in that pop up.on the command field of the create launcher window i typed gnome-terminal) and then only I can open terminal. And on terminal i run the command gnome-panel. I have to do this on every login.
    Is there any start program list ?

    I read that Ubuntu 11.04 natty has unity desktop environment. But i still have gnome2 . there is libre office instead of open office in my system

    There was an error in the middle of upgrading process it is:
    ............... . . . . . . . cannot open pixbuf loader module file /lib/gdk-pixbuf 2.0/2. . .

    how to make Ubuntu show pannels default after login.
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    Re: gnome-pannel dosn't appear

    On typing pixbuf in Quick filter field in Synaptic packet manager I got some packages list. In the list I found "libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev" ( describtion tells "This package contains the header files which are needed for using GDK Pixbuf.") which is not installed . So I install and restart the system I fix it.

    screenshot is attached here

    I entered command to find which desktop environment is there in system(whether gnome or unity)

      $echo $DESKTOP_SESSION  
    It told that gnome.
    what happened here ?
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    Re: gnome-pannel dosn't appear

    in ubuntu unity you dont have gnome-panel. for that you need to move to ubuntu classic . if you wanna see it

    logout first and then in the login screen you are going to have something like ubuntu classic,select it and then login .

    i think this is what you what ?

    let me know
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    Re: gnome-pannel dosn't appear

    I think my system has gnome desktop environment not Unity. Because system monitor tells gnome 2.32.1. And also environmental variable $DESKTOP_SESSION has "gnome" only.

    After kernel begin execution it starts some other processes. Among this gnome-panel is one.

    Before installing "" package the launcher(look like in windows 7) and searching ability was not there.

    after installation and a reboot the desktop seen with a bar(or panell) on top (with power button,time,etc..,)

    My guess is gconf was broken and now it got fixed

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