I have a toshiba satellite L745 that is running ubuntu 11.04. I have been having on and off wi-fi issues( most of which I was able to resolve on my own). One that has me puzzled is this. I have strong wi-fi at home and 2 of the 3 college campuses that I am on. The last campus I have no problem connecting to a network but web pages take forever to load. Often minutes just to load google in chromium. Could there be a reason that that my system is not working. Both my android phone and the laptops in the office that I work in on campus can connect with no issue and load web pages like I would expect on a wifi connection.I also tested my laptop on a hardline at the campus and it worked perfectly. I have installed backports, the realtek driver that I needed( although I am not sure if I also need the atheros driver as well), and gone through many posts regarding the wifi issues. If there is any info that is needed to help diagnose this issue let me know and I will post it for you. Thanks