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Thread: switching video drivers

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    switching video drivers

    Hi guys
    I'm kind in an odd situation here.
    Ok, here we go..

    I have a dell studio notebook which suddenly stop work (didn't power up any more). I've tried a lot of things with no use.
    Also, I had a friend, with a notebook dell inspiron, his notebook had a problem with the Hard Drive.

    So we came with the *brilliant* idea of plug my HD in his notebook.
    Everything work without surprises, except for one little thing: the video card.

    In my dell studio I have an ATI video card while in my friend dell inspiron has an Intel
    00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)

    I had already googled for some solution, even trying download from the Intel website (where it gave me a windows driver even selecting ubuntu for SO).

    So I'm without any clues to what to do.
    This is no big deal. The only thing I couldn't do is play a few games, which aren't important at all.

    But I would like to have it working properly.

    So, thank you all very much for your time.
    (p.s.: I wont re-install the SO for this small unimportant propose)
    p.s.2: Almost forgot, running Ubuntu 11.04.

    SOLVED: Just remove the ati driver and everything is working fine.
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