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Thread: RTMPDUMP Ubuntu 11.10

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    RTMPDUMP Ubuntu 11.10

    I use a program called serviio to stream my videos and online video sources to my TVs and other Devices. In order to stream RTMP sources I need RTMPDUMP 2.4 installed on my Ubuntu 11.10 computer. When I install RTMPDUMP and try to connect to an online RTMP stream I get a handshake error. I have researched this below is some information that I have been able to find about this. It looks like the wrong version of librtmp0 2.3 is getting installed instead of 2.4

    Quote Originally Posted by moltra
    There is a problem with Ubuntu 11.10 and RTMPdump. I compliled the RTMPdump from the serviio download page and still get the handshake error.
    it is something about the dynamic library used. The below is from the hulu plugin thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by moltra
    Found this tried it and still handshake error
    git clone git://
    cd rtmpdump
    sudo make install 
    But the resulting binary still failed with this error message:
     WARNING: HandShake: Type mismatch: client sent 6, server answered 9
    WARNING: HandShake: Server not genuine Adobe!
    ERROR: RTMP_Connect1, handshake failed. 
    After a bit of digging it turned out that my new rtmpdump used the old dynamic library. I had to set the rpath of the new binary, so that it used the new version of the library. There are several ways to do this; I choose to recompile with:
     make clean
    make XLDFLAGS='-Xlinker -rpath -Xlinker /usr/local/lib'
    sudo make instal
    here is more abotu the problem.
     Another thing to check: Make sure you upgrade the "librtmp0" package from
    >> 2.3 (from Ubuntu repo) to the 2.4 version in the PPA.  I noticed that
    >> librtmp0 2.3 is included in the base install for Ubuntu 11.10 desktop
    >> edition (it wasn't in 11.04), and the package isn't automatically upgraded
    >> when you install get_iplayer from the PPA.
    > oh.  I thought I'd fixed that!  sorry.
    I had a look at what I've done with dependencies, and I'm confused as
    to why this breaks. Perhaps someone who knows ubuntu and/or debian
    packaging better than I do can help.
    In oneiric (11.10) librtmp0 2.3 is already installed courtesy of a
    dependency from libcurl3-gnutls (though where the dependency comes
    from shouldn't matter)
    If you then add my ppa and install get_iplayer, this depends on
    rtmpdump, which in turn depends on librtmp0.  get_iplayer calls for
    2.4 or later of rtmpdump, and this gets installed (2.4-something is in
    the ppa), but people are reporting that librtmp0 doesn't get updated,
    even though there's a newer version (2.4-something) in the ppa.
    Any idea why?
    Arguably rtmpdump 2.4 should depend on the same version of librtmp0,
    but that's not the way its packaged in ubuntu anyway (all I did was
    steal the existing packaging and update the source).  But it should be
    ok, because the latest rtmpdump works with the latest librtmp0.
    I just found this last information about librtmp0 and will have to try updating it tonight.

    From this link

    Any and all help would be apprciated.

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    Re: RTMPDUMP Ubuntu 11.10

    The team xbmc unstable ppa has a librtmp2.4+ from git that is working for myself with xbmc and rtmp addons. Before I upgraded to rtmp from this repo I was getting handshake errors.


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