OK, then if the partition is still formatted NTFS, and you still want to recover the data, suggest you do the following (based on my experience at doing this successfully):
1) Find someone with a working Windows PC
2) Remove your drive from this PC.
3) On the Windows PC, download and install the trial version of GetDataBack for NTFS from Runtime Software.
4) Connect your old drive to this Windows PC.
5) Run GetDataBack in deepest discovery mode -- probably best to let it run overnight.
6) In the morning, check the recovery logs and see if GetDataBack was able to find your lost files.
7) If it was, you will have to purchase it to do the actual recovery. You won't have to reinstall it; instead, they will email you an activation code which you can use to turn on the recovery feature.

And, BTW, it is not HUNDREDS of dollars for this product. Last time I checked, GetDataBack for NTFS was $80, USD.

Your data ... your money ... your choice.