Im having several issues with wine and eq2
I have wine 1.3.15 and ubuntu 11.10 currently but was still having the problem in wine 1.3.27 and ubuntu 11.04
while playing eq2 in windowed mode i cant get the cursur to leave the window. it just snaps back and then the cursor doesnt snap back to the actual posision. the pointer is off by about half an inch so i have to guess whan i want to click something, but when i switch back to full screen it is fine. I checked the winecfg and i dont have the option enabled to lock the mouse to the window. Only differance i see software wise that the others i have spoke to is compiz. i dont have that installed.
next thing is i want to make a shortcut or launcher for the windows program so i can click it instead of having to navigate to its location or typing it in a terminal